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Here’s to the year of loving more

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday!) tomorrow, I dedicate this year to Love.

Not only Friendship love, Romantic love, Family love… let this year be the year we love a little harder ALL those individuals who bless us daily. From our co-workers, to the store clerk, to the barista, our friends’ friends, our neighbors, the bus driver,.. even those people we have never officially met before and especially those people we are too busy to remember (YES that means YOURSELF too!)–love them all a little more. love

Love is the common denominator to everything good in life. Love makes the world go ’round. The power of love is a force so strong, that we live and die for it. We can feel it’s energy through walls, across oceans and skies.

Don’t underestimate the power of the three simple words, “I love you”. Say it more often, to more people, and do not forget to include yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Here’s to the year of loving more.


Why I Gave Yoga a Second Chance

My first yoga experience was not convincing.

It wasn’t until years later that I tried another yoga class. I went to cool down and stretch (yoga was pretty much just stretching right?) as I had just finished an hour-long weightlifting class. I loved weight-lifting. It was such an efficient way to gain strength, burn calories, and get that toned “beach-body” look.

The yoga class started just as I remembered it–very slowly. Continue reading