Here’s to 2018!

2018 is right around the corner, and I wanted to create a list to hold myself accountable.

  1. Travel to New Places. At least two new international locations and two new domestic. 2017 was a bit of a transition period for me, and I did not get to have as many of the travel experiences as I normally do due to time and budgeting priorities. 2018 is different because I know my schedule and financial situation:) Let me know if you want to travel or would like a visitor!
  2. Learn Spanish. This sort of goes along with the international travel piece above. I took 3 years of Spanish in high school, but have since lost practice and forgotten a lot of it. I want to improve in my conversational Spanish and use it in my travels. Anyone want to practice with me or be my language partner?  2018
  3. Say Yes. After listening to a podcast on Shona Rhimes’ “Year of Yes”, I am inspired to say yes to even more opportunities and experiences this year. More parties, events, travel, experiences. So if you ever need a companion or know of fun opportunities, invite me!
  4. No Makeup. I’m not someone who wears much if any makeup to begin with, and I would like to continue this in 2018. This means not wearing any ever (not for special occasions, going out etc). Don’t think this should be too hard since I already have gone 4 months or so. Plus it helps me focus on eating and living healthy, which I believe is the key to “glowing” (better than any make up could ever do!) Note: please don’t take this to mean I am anti-makeup…you do whatever makes you feel your best!!
  5. Be Impeccable With My Word. This comes from Don Miguel Ruiz’ “The Four Agreements”, and I believe will be the most challenging. Ruiz writes that being impeccable means to use your word ” in the direction of truth and love” and to “clean the emotional poison that lies within you”. Speak with integrity and speak only what you mean. Express what you really want. Communicate truthfully. Don’t say yes if you really mean no. Don’t gossip just to fit in. Live with integrity. Don’t say you’re going to exercise or eat healthy or save money, and then turn around and do the opposite.

Alright..this list of 5 is a good start for me. What do you plan on doing or changing in the year 2018? 

Hope you have a great last day of 2017, and cheers to the new year!!


Updates and Learning to Rest

Quick July/August/Sept/Oct updates:

  • Bought a condo in the best city in the world
  • Started my career teaching with Atlanta Public Schools
  • Strengthened and/or formed new healthy relationships with friends/family
  • Applying to Ed.D Curriculum and Instruction at Georgia State to start summer 2018

As you can see there has been a lot going on..hence I haven’t written a blog post in a while.

But another reason why I haven’t written in a while is because I’ve been intentionally working on learning to rest. I feel that as a society we are pushed to work and be productive all the time. That every minute of our lives must be filled with some sort of “doing”.

I get caught up in work and goals all the time..and even when I get a minute of quiet time to myself, I still feel like I could be doing something– such as writing a blog post.

It is hard to break away from the need to be productive all the time. But sometimes the most productive thing we can do is just rest. Just do nothing. Sleep or sit and relax, and just let your body and mind take a much needed break for a minute.

So in the spirit of taking a break and care of myself, I’m keeping this post short and sweet. Rest well everyone!!! Let your body and mind recover and heal from the craziness of life.





Finding the Friday and Summer in Everyday

Happy June! I love summer. As someone who has been a student and then a teacher for pretty much her whole life, summer always had a special carefree vibe about it.  Sunshine brightens people-wait-all-week-for-friday-all-year-for-summthe mood, and I think because the days are longer there is this illusion of more time. More time for fun, more time for love, more time to procrastinate errands, more time for nourishing the soul. Life is good in the summer:)

But what about the rest of the year? Continue reading

Detaching in order to Live

Life has been amazing recently, and I can attribute a lot of it to the simple fact that I have been practicing the art of Detaching..the art of Letting Go.

We tend to take things too personally. We let our environment control our happiness. We let negative thoughts consume our mind. We waste time playing made-up scenarios in our heads. We keep toxic relationships in our lives. Image result for let go
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Not stressed, but blessed.

Recently I’d been feeling a lot more stressed than usual. But my daily yoga practice (which includes plenty of meditation and reflection) has helped me realize that all of theseblesstress stresses are really just reminders of the many blessings in my life. Continue reading

NASA – good for the soul

It’s Friday, it’s supposed to snow, I live in the it’s a night in for me and the rest of the state:) And what better to do than blog? Today I write about NASA because I am SUPER excited to be attending the Space Exploration Educators Conference this year.

I first worked at NASA in Spring 2009 when Continue reading

Reflect and Redistribute

I posted a little inspirational quote on my social media (@pamliuyoga) recently that says, “I am my problem, but also my solution.” I love this because it simply states that you have the power to control any problems in your life.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately in my life on what is going well and what is not going so well, and once again came to the conclusion that everything in life is about energy and balance.

We all want to be happy, and this comes from a balance of all things good in our finances, relationships, family, health, career, and our connection to our truest selves in the greater universe.

But everything is give and take. We won’t always have 100% amazingness in all aspects of our life. Maybe we are finally successful in our job and also making great money…but then perhaps our health and relationships suffer a little because of it. Or maybe we don’t have a job and are struggling financially, but have a loving and supportive family and great personal, motivational drive to do better and achieve more. Maybe we are living the perfect life according to what society dictates, but haven’t admitted to ourselves that this is not what we want.

So what can we do? How can we add more happiness and balance in our lives without losing the good that is already here?

My answer is: Redistribute. Redistribute energy from the good parts of our life into the ones we want to improve.

  • Have great friends, but just lost your job? Ask them for help. Use some of your time with them to work on your resume or practice answering interview questions.
  • Are financially successful, but feeling lonely? Get involved in recreational sports, volunteer organizations, or invest in membership to networking groups or clubs.
  • Found your perfect job, but having a hard time fitting in fitness and healthy eating into your work hours? Try gathering a support network and health accountability group from your coworkers. Suggest group walks during lunch break or ordering healthier options for catered events.

There is always a solution to your problems. There is always a way to increase the “good” in your life. The answer is to use what is already good to propel goodness in those areas that need support!

Hey and if you have nothing to complain about, then share your happiness with others. Donate, volunteer, help. When you share your success with others, it will come back to you when you need it again. 🙂

Reflect on your life, and then Redistribute some energy.