Hi! Welcome to my yoga page. I believe yoga is the secret ingredient to your best, most healthful life. Since I discovered its benefits, I have been practicing for over 12 years and completed RTY-200 teacher certification (through Mike Noury, founder of Yoga of India).

IMG_4390 RYT200

Yoga should be done for one reason: bettering yourself. True yoga is practiced all day long, from the moment you wake up, to sitting at the office desk, to standing in line at the bank, to eating out with your friends, to falling asleep at night. The yoga I teach is not studio yoga, it is yoga for YOU and YOUR life. Yoga is different for everyone. We don’t need to be flexible for yoga. Yoga is flexible for us!

I believe in a DAILY practice that involves simple efforts towards a healthier self! Yoga is not about twisting into a pretzel–Yoga is about learning to live better.

I want to help you discover your own style, and clear your mind of what society has told you yoga should be like. Whether you’re a corporate junkie, stay-at-home parent, artist, student, restaurant manager, professional athlete, retired veteran… WHOEVER you are and WHATEVER your life context… yoga can help!! Trust me.

I am a full-time K-12 teacher (among many other identities) and if there is one thing I must mention to those who are hesitant about time commitments: Yoga doesn’t take time from me–it has given me more time. More importantly, it has given me MORE LIFE! Yoga has taught me how to live in more happy, relaxed, and fulfilling ways, and I want to share that with you.

Remember to drop the stereotypes and rigid mindset. You can have your beer! And eat animals. And not be able to touch your toes. The only rule to living your life to its highest potential is that you start doing yoga– real yoga, which is a committed-to-health lifestyle— not a gym class.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email , check out my BLOG!, or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.



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