Food and Health

Since starting my doctoral program four weeks ago, I’ve been reading and writing more than ever. One of my goals is to become a better writer and I plan to use this blog as my platform for practice. So expect more blog posts to come!!

Today I’m writing about my journey with food and health.

Up until my senior year of college, I ate whatever I felt like and didn’t think about food in relation to my health..

But then a friend introduced me to the world of nutrition and weight-lifting. With simple caloric tracking and an exercise plan, I saw tremendous changes in my health and I was hooked on this idea of healthy eating.

HOWEVER, and I say this from experience, there is a point where one can take the whole idea of living healthy TOO far. This was in 2012-2013 when I became OBSESSED with eating healthy (and this is BAD). See Orthorexia.  I hate to diagnose myself with anything, but honestly this is the closest definition I can find to what I was feeling during those years. When eating “healthy” becomes all you think about..then there is an issue. Speak to me in person about this because I could go on and on about the negative effects my obsession with healthy foods had on me.

Fast forward to later in 2013 when I moved to Atlanta (I will write a blog post later about Atlanta because it is my FAVORITE city). I let go of “perfect” eating and actually was on a mission to gain about 15-20 pounds. How many people do you know who actively set out to gain weight? But I knew this was what I needed to do to return to a healthier “healthy”.

It is now halfway through 2018 and I feel the healthiest I have ever been. I still love food and more importantly I love me, this life, and all the joys that come from letting go of what society tries to tell us is “healthy” (and by that I mean strict diet plans, cutting certain foods or food groups, unrealistic meal planning).Image result for healthy eating

To me, healthy eating is this: 
– Eating plenty of foods from the earth (fruits, veggies, grains)
– Dairy in moderation – I LOVE cheese and ice cream. and sometimes yogurt:)
– Meat in moderation – Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, Lamb, etc.. I eat meat, but it is really only on occasion (maybe once a week? I don’t normally cook meat, so I eat it when I go out)
– Drinking in moderation:) ! – I love a good drink–beer, liquor, wine, cocktails, I like it all..but really only 1 or 2 on occasion is what feels good to me. 
– H2O!!! Drinking lots of water is key. Stay hydrated!!! 

I think we all know what foods serve us well, and if I had to recommend a diet to anyone it would be simply just eat foods that come from the Earth!! If you can name the ingredients to a dish, it is probably going to feel good eating it!!

This post has already gotten too long because I could talk about my journey with food and health forever. So I will end now and let me know if you ever want to chat! 🙂 Happy eating!!!

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