Updates and Learning to Rest

Quick July/August/Sept/Oct updates:

  • Bought a condo in the best city in the world
  • Started my career teaching with Atlanta Public Schools
  • Strengthened and/or formed new healthy relationships with friends/family
  • Applying to Ed.D Curriculum and Instruction at Georgia State to start summer 2018

As you can see there has been a lot going on..hence I haven’t written a blog post in a while.

But another reason why I haven’t written in a while is because I’ve been intentionally working on learning to rest. I feel that as a society we are pushed to work and be productive all the time. That every minute of our lives must be filled with some sort of “doing”.

I get caught up in work and goals all the time..and even when I get a minute of quiet time to myself, I still feel like I could be doing something– such as writing a blog post.

It is hard to break away from the need to be productive all the time. But sometimes the most productive thing we can do is just rest. Just do nothing. Sleep or sit and relax, and just let your body and mind take a much needed break for a minute.

So in the spirit of taking a break and care of myself, I’m keeping this post short and sweet. Rest well everyone!!! Let your body and mind recover and heal from the craziness of life.






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