Finding the Friday and Summer in Everyday

Happy June! I love summer. As someone who has been a student and then a teacher for pretty much her whole life, summer always had a special carefree vibe about it.  Sunshine brightens people-wait-all-week-for-friday-all-year-for-summthe mood, and I think because the days are longer there is this illusion of more time. More time for fun, more time for love, more time to procrastinate errands, more time for nourishing the soul. Life is good in the summer:)

But what about the rest of the year? Isn’t life also pretty good in the fall ,winter, and spring too? It should be.

Certain times of the year and days of the week appear to vibrate at a higher frequency of happiness for us, but ONLY because we have been trained to think so.

Friday is really no different than Monday or Tuesday. Remember as a kid during summer break when all the days blended together? Or remember the last time you were on vacation and completely forgot what day it was? All the days were good because you were living in the moment, not worrying about the future or past.

I think we should all try to live a little more carefree and bound less by the time and day. Sure we may have to be at work at 8am on a Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean Monday evening has to be sitting at home doing laundry. Many of the fun activities we “save” for a Friday night can be shifted to any other day. Catch up with friends on a Wednesday. Go see a movie on a Monday. Try that new restaurant on Tuesday. Life is NOW. You can balance having more happiness now. Stop waiting until Friday.

What about vacation? Go on vacation in September. Or February. Or a random weekend in April. Travel at the beginning of November. Stop waiting for summer.

And what about all those things you said you were going to do in life? Is there a good reason you are waiting? We are too much talk and too little action. Next time you find yourself saying, “I’ve always wanted to..”, pause and reflect for minute on why you are waiting. Image result for summer friday sun

On Fridays and during Summers, we are a bit more free..we don’t think so much..we just do what makes us happy. Maybe we should work on finding a little bit more of Friday and Summer in every day. 🙂


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