Detaching in order to Live

Life has been amazing recently, and I can attribute a lot of it to the simple fact that I have been practicing the art of Detaching..the art of Letting Go.

We tend to take things too personally. We let our environment control our happiness. We let negative thoughts consume our mind. We waste time playing made-up scenarios in our heads. We keep toxic relationships in our lives. Image result for let go

It is definitely easier said than done..but it is also definitely easier with more practice.

So start NOW! Let go. Practice detaching from situations and mindsets that are not serving you in a healthy way.

Let go of rush and urgency. That impatience you feel in traffic or at the line at the grocery store? It is useless anger and frustration. Instead turn on your favorite song, read a magazine, or make a phone call to your mom. Enjoy life and take your time.

Detach yourself from made-up thoughts. Stop making up stories about what someone is doing when they don’t return your text or call. Stop living in fear of “what if..”? Go about your day. You have a life to live!

Let go of unhealthy relationships and friendships. This includes an unhealthy relationship with yourself! Say bye to the old you, and distance yourself from those people that drain your spirit.

Detach yourself from the perfect life you imagined. Yes you can direct energy to encourage parts of your life to flourish, BUT recognize that many of our ideals of a perfect life are influenced by those around us and what they say life should be like. What is a perfect life anyway?? The truth is –there is no perfect life.

Let go of the need to make everyone happy. Stop feeling bad or apologizing for things that are simply just the result of you staying true to yourself. Don’t feel like going to the party? Say no thanks and that’s it.

These are just some suggestions I have for how to practice detaching and letting go. These strategies have worked for me the past couple of weeks and I hope that you can try some of them or let me know some strategies you have as well!

Detach and Let Go. Drop fear, perfection, worry, stress, and overthinking. Make room for more peace, happiness, love, and LIFE! Cheers to that:)




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