NASA – good for the soul

It’s Friday, it’s supposed to snow, I live in the it’s a night in for me and the rest of the state:) And what better to do than blog? Today I write about NASA because I am SUPER excited to be attending the Space Exploration Educators Conference this year.

I first worked at NASA in Spring 2009 when I took a semester off college to join their Education department’s Digital Learning Network. This changed my life so much that I ended up working at NASA two more summers afterwards in a research and statistical analysis focused role. These experiences again were life changing and to this day I still talk about them with my students whenever I get a chance. And if that makes me a cooler teacher..I’ll take it;)

Why do I love NASA? Because space exploration is inspiring. It lifts the human spirit. We are flying to other planets,  discovering other life forms– The stuff is so crazy cool it almost seems unreal.Image result for nasa orion

I think that’s why we love it. Space exploration is exciting, mysterious, and mind-blowingly awesome. It makes us feel so small on Earth, yet at the same time, manages to make us feel unstoppable–traversing the galaxy on spaceships built from the immense power of our very brains.

We don’t know the answers. We only have more and more questions. And I LOVE that. The teacher in me especially loves that. The work that NASA is doing gets kids all wide-eyed and engaged and eager to discover more. AND, if even for a second, takes our minds up up and away from the (sometimes blah) realities of our everyday lives.

That’s the best part. Getting away to the stars. NASA incites a certain eagerness and thirst for experiencing something greater than we’ve ever known. There is so much more to be discovered. Maybe all the answers are out there:)


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