We all have stories.

I have a story from my life that only one other person in this world has heard. I have even more stories that nobody knows but myself. 

Our lives are like that–full of stories. Full of untold stories, either because no one asked to hear them and they remain like dusty books in the back shelves of our memory..or because we are too embarrassed, scared, or proud to tell them. 

Today I heard stories from individuals that I thought I knew everything about. How silly of me! How silly of me to think I knew all there was to know about someone.

Hearing these untold stories from my friends allowed me to reflect on the depth and intricacy of each human life. We can never know everything there is to know about a person. Even if they were to tell us every story they’ve ever lived, they have surely left one out. Either that, or there is a thought and emotion being formulated at that exact moment which remains the prologue for another story down the road. To be told later–Maybe to you, or maybe to someone else.

We, as human beings, are full of stories. Stories so incredibly fascinating and most, so terribly boring; Stories that lie at the intersection of two other people’s stories; Stories that we readily share, and others that remain purposefully untold.

We all have stories. Millions of them. All of which have shaped our very being.

Remember that next time you’re with a friend. Or a stranger. Ask them to discover more, listen to them to understand more, or simply just sit back and acknowledge the fact that you can’t assume anything until you have read their full book.


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