Guess what?

You’re probably already doing yoga everyday. Most people associate yoga with poses such as downward dog and wearing leggings, but this is just one of many stereotypes I hope we can all get over. Yoga is actually made up of 8 limbs, and is a holistic life practice structured around principles such as morality, body postures, personal care, breathing, control of the senses. Yoga is about creating peace, balance, harmony, and overall health in our lives.

When you arrive on time – that’s an act of yoga. Not stealing time from someone else is showing you respect them.

So when you stand up to stretch after a long period of sitting – that’s an act of yoga. Pausing and thinking before reacting when angry – that’s yoga. When you speak the truth to your friend – that’s yoga. Give your seat up on the bus to the elderly – that’s yoga. Nourish your body with a hearty breakfast – that’s yoga. Take a deep breath to calm down before giving a presentation – that’s yoga. Pick up a piece of trash off the sidewalk and place it in the bin – that’s yoga. Drink extra water to nurse a hangover – that’s yoga too.

The little actions we do everyday to harness positive energy in ourselves and spread it the world is what a true yoga practice looks like. Yoga just makes us more intentional in these acts of self-care and awareness of how we as individuals are connected in this intricate whole of existence.

With a consistent yoga practice, you master the art of self-reflection and are able to refine and discover ways to improve your life as well as those around you.

So tell me in the comments below, how are you already practicing yoga philosophy in your daily life? What additional things do you want to add to your routine?


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