I thought I knew what Yoga was

In college I had my first exposure to yoga. A class was conveniently from 4:00-5pm on the gym’s group fitness schedule, and I wanted to try this new workout before calling it a day. Well…Long story short ..I did NoT nOT NOT enjoy it!!! In fact, even months afterwards..anytime anyone mentioned yoga, I would chime in my two cents (something to the tune of the following three statements):

  1. It’s so SLOW and weird, you stand there and hold poses that are awkward and difficult (if I can’t even touch my toes.. how the heck can I do..)
  2. At the end of class, we took a nap for 10 minutes–to a kitschy soundtrack of ocean waves and wind flutes
  3. Then everyone bowed their heads and said some something I didn’t understand (later I even Googled “what is that word that people say at the end of a yoga class?”)

My point isI thought I knew what yoga was from that class. And I didn’t want to be a part of it. I felt like an outsider in a room full of people who didn’t look like me, who moved their bodies in ways I couldn’t, and who chanted indecipherable words. I was confused about the purpose of it all. Was it a workout? Was it religious? Was I supposed to feel better afterwards? I just. plain. didn’t. get it!! *crosses Yoga off list* Nope!


OoOooKk – Now >>FAST FORWARD 10 years!!


CLEARLY by looking at this webpage..something has changed during the past ten years. What caused the change? Why does yoga now permeate every part of my day? STAY TUNED for the next post!!!

In the meantime, I’m curious..have you tried yoga? If not, why not? If yes, what were your initial thoughts? Have your opinions on yoga evolved at all? Please comment below!!!! Would love to start a conversation and see the results of this informal survey of yoga first impressions.


3 thoughts on “I thought I knew what Yoga was

  1. YourMom

    I want to know! I never really tried it until recently, still not a huge effort. But I want to know more, I’m listening!

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